Our History

Shared Principles

Together 4 PSU is about taking on issues that impact the whole university community in a unifying and participatory manner.  We work together to bring the power of all our organizations to bear to work through issues and problems that impact all of us, either directly or indirectly. We have adopted five principles that set the context for our work:

  • High Quality, Affordable Education

  • Working Conditions = Learning Conditions

  • Budgets Prioritizing Learning

  • Democratic Shared Governance

  • Academic Freedom

Our Coalition

Our goal is to work to achieve a unified position on each issue we take on.  We meet, discuss, and when we develop a unified position on a specific issue, we work together to implement the position.

Each organization has an equal say in Together 4 PSU.  We share expenses equally, with the three unions providing financial support and ASPSU providing in-kind support (ASPSU is funded by student fees and therefore restricted in how they disperse their money).

Although we seek unity on each issue we pursue, if we are unable to do so, each organization is free to pursue the issue individually.